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A week prior to my wedding, my day of coordinator was let go and I was left in a frenzy trying to figure out how my wedding day was going to come together. Margo came in at the last minute, and was such an incredible blessing. I flooded her with pictures of all of the ideas I had of decor. Come the day of the rehersal she made sure I not only kept my sanity, but helped make sure everything went as planned. When I arrived to my venue on my wedding day the way she had put everything together looked so incredibly exquisite, and exactly how I had dreamed. She also made sure my vendors arrived on time, and everything was correct. I didn't have a care in the world the day of, because she took care of every last detail, making it seemless and made sure I was able to enjoy my wedding day. I couldn't have done it without her!

Kayla & Ryan


Eugene, Oregon

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Photos used with permission by;  Devyn Spangler Photography,

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